Asbestos Removers

Now that the knowledge is available regarding the dangers involved, asbestos removers are specifically trained and no one in their right mind would attempt this job without prior training. Surveys have shown that around fourteen million UK homes may contain this toxic substance. It is also estimated that there are twenty related deaths of UK tradesmen each week. So it is vital that anyone working with, or removing anything that may contain it has been trained to work safely to minimise dust and other particles considered deadly if inhaled.

What is Asbestos?

Initially, it was thought of as some kind of miracle product. This fibrous, fire proof material was seen to be indestructible and believe it or not, has been used as early as the Roman Empire. This mineral form of magnesium silicate is even documented by archaeologists as being used even earlier. Over time this material has been used as cloth for embalming and also in pottery. The Industrial Revolution starting from the eighteenth century saw the product boom in use in building, insulation and even brake linings for motor vehicles.

Where is Asbestos found?

Of course we now know that those fibrous particles can be deadly. However, people may not be aware of the amount of places this deadly stuff can be found. Roofs are commonly known as a source, but also water tanks, fuse boxes, sealants, fire places and even ropes and yarns are known to contain this product. If you are planning to remove any of these objects or any other items where you do not know the origin, then you must call in the experts.

How will I know when to use an Asbestos expert?

There really is no choice in this matter when removing or discarding it. Considering the number of homes and businesses containing this substance it would be rare to not have it somewhere. If you have building or trade skills, you can undertake a course to learn how to deal with this material safely and without injury to yourself or others. This training covers how to locate it, safe work methods, how to decontaminate and how to deal with the waste. You do need to be accredited in order to just deal with it, however in order to get qualified you will need to contact the UK Asbestos Training Association at or telephone 01246 824437 to help you find training providers in your area.

Why should I use someone accredited?

There are a number of reasons to use only qualified removers; those certified have reached high standards and fully understand all the health and safety requirements. They are audited on a twice-yearly basis; they are sent the latest technical information, and can call on other recognised experts for advice. Most importantly, they are fully insured for this kind of work.

Many homes and offices in the UK still have this deadly product in place. Although it has been known for many years that the fibres can cause Mesothelioma, it was only voluntarily stopped in the nineteen seventies with more stringent regulations added in the nineteen eighties. There is still plenty of the stuff out there, and it needs someone with the knowledge and qualifications to dispose of it correctly.