Asbestos Removers Cardiff

As most people are now aware, there are many millions of homes and businesses in the UK containing this dangerous and toxic material. Although it has been used in commercial buildings for over a hundred years, it has only been since the nineteen seventies that laws have been in place regarding the dangers of this silicone based and fire retardant matter. The material comes in a variety of types and has also been used for residential heating, floor and roof tiles as well as in walls.

There are a number of asbestos removers in Cardiff, and these companies specialise in safely moving and disposing of any hazards from properties. Before they can offer a service for this work, they need to undertake specific training in safe handling and removing. So you can rest assures if you use any of these businesses they will have the appropriate accreditation. If people are unsure about whether their premises contain this substance, these companies can undertake surveys, and if it is present they can then monitor to ensure that does not change and become dangerous.


Redhill Analysts Western Ltd is located at St Mellons Business Park Fortran Road, 
CARDIFF, can be contacted on 02920369030. This company can survey, quote and remove this product. Their website is and contains a great deal of information about the substance and their services as well as their environment policies. Red hills offer a serried of management solutions to match all needs and are well aware of current legislation.


Cardiff Arms Environmental Services Ltd can be found at Unit 18, 9 Curran Rd CARDIFF and can be contacted on 02920227862. The company is fully licensed and offer demolishing and clearance services. The product is carefully handled by experts whose backgrounds are in engineering, environmental remediation and handling using the latest technologies. They also specialize in the decommissioning & removal of aboveground  and tanks in situ.

Further out from Cardiff is the Ems Group, located at Bridgend. Located at Unit 4 Parc-Y-Bont Millers Avenue, Brynmenyn Industrial Estate, BRIDGEND, they can be contacted on ¬†01992 535 445, and their website is

This company deals with managing remediation, ventilation hygiene, as well as industrial cleaning solutions. They also offer courses and risk management solutions and specialize in all risks associated with chemical, biological and air quality issues.

There are many other companies in the area offering these services. However, it is always best to keep in mind that whoever you choose will need to be trained and accredited as well as having a current license for this work. Accreditation also requires yearly updates to training to conform to legislation. There may besides be specific laws in your area, so you will need to check this out as well. It is also helpful to obtain three quotes before embarking on this hazardous work. Home and business owners should never attempt to undertake this work if they are not qualified as it is now widely recognised that airborne fibres can be deadly.