Asbestos Removers Equipment

Asbestos is a harmful material that previously insulated and fireproofed everyday household items. Homes were fitted with drywall and pipe insulation made with asbestos, heat and fire retardant gaskets, drywall, and ceilings, and items such as roofing material, concrete, bricks, drywall, flooring, lawn furniture, and pipes were coated with asbestos to make them more fire resistant. Asbestos use became scarce by the 1970's and 1980's because of a link between asbestos and mesothelioma. In the UK, asbestos has been the known culprit of a disease called asbestosis since 1924, while the first ever-recorded death involving asbestos contamination dates back to 1906. Buildings fitted with asbestos insulation or coatings within their construction require proper removal procedures. It is important that trained and certified individuals due to the delicate nature of this harmful substance do the removal. The asbestos remover's equipment is essential for proper removal and handling of asbestos when removed from and building or dwelling to ensure not only the safety of the workers, but also the safety of the occupants to return after removal.

Protective Materials

Workers should be equipped with goggles, a cover all that is impermeable, rubber gloves, moulded boots, and a respirator for their own protection. Workers must discard coveralls and gloves as asbestos waste once the containment area is left. It is also important to ensure that the asbestos removal does not result in any residual asbestos on the property. Firstly, it is important to keep the asbestos wet throughout the process to limit the amount that becomes airborne. Therefore, they use water tanks and sprayers to keep the area moist. The area should be sealed off from all other areas and plastic sheeting should be used to cover the entire area except the asbestos-containing surface. Rooms without exit doors to the direct outside will also need an "airlock" door to keep the remainder of the interior from receiving any contaminating dust or debris.


When working with asbestos, it is important for workers to be properly decontaminated once they are finished for the day. One item of use in this particular area is a decontamination shower. This portable metal shower serves as a simple solution to cleansing the worker of any residue left from the project, keeping themselves and their families safe from second-hand contamination.


There are chemicals that can be used in the project of asbestos removal. They are also considered among the asbestos remover's equipment. A few of the items available: