Asbestos Removers Nottingham

If you live around the area and require someone to check whether you need asbestos removers in Nottingham, here is some information that may be helpful.

The first thing of which to be aware is that most homes contain this fibrous, fireproof material. Studies have shown that more than fourteen million premises in the United Kingdom, both residential and commercial, have used this product. First thought of as a miracle building solution, there are quite a few varieties of the fibrous mineral forms of magnesium silicate. So if you think this toxic substance is lurking somewhere in your home, you might be right.

Whilst there are a number of professionals offering this service in the Nottingham area, here are just a few for you to consider.


The website for Midlands Asbestos Solutions is comprehensive and informative:

They can also be called on 0115 932 6521 and they have many offices and are based in Nottingham and derby. They provide a highly trained team of specialists catering for both public and commercial sectors. This fully licensed company offers solutions for removal and disposal of garages and ceilings containing this product. You can be assured that all their contracts are undertaken in absolute accordance with the codes of practice and statutory regulations.


Van-ish Waste Removal specialises in hazardous materials and is a family run company. They are based at 63 Clifton Road, Rudington in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire and can be contacted on:
Tel: 0115 8415094
Mob: 07525 929831
Their website is
Whilst Van-ish’s services include all kinds of waste removal, they are also licensed to safely clear away toxic substances that may be harmful to both animals and humans.
So if you are seeking a smaller family run business, then you should at least obtain a quote from this company.

Remember, it is best to seek advice and quotes from more than one concern offering services in this area.

PreDEM is a company specialising in demolitions. However plenty of demolition work also concerns hazardous waste and this business is accredited and licensed to do these jobs. is their website, and they can also be contacted on 0115936 1845. They are located at 638 Western Boulevard, Aspley, Nottingham and they also offer free quotes. This company has over twenty years experience in this occupation and has built up a large knowledge base. They understand that some of the strict regulations regarding removal are complex, and they are competent in working with buildings from small houses to very large multi stories.


There has been legislation in the United Kingdom for many years now concerning removal of toxic and hazardous waste, and it has been popularly known for some time that inhalation of these deadly fibres can cause lung cancer and other diseases. Many homes built up until the nineteen seventies contain this matter, and it is vital that it is not disturbed. Surveys can show if it is present, and constant monitoring is also important. When you are ready to move or demolish, you should always use a professional.