Asbestos Removers Quotes

The harmful material known as asbestos is known to cause asbestosis, a lung illness that can lead to mesothelioma- cancer- in the lungs. This material has been used for centuries and in the 20th century was widely used for homes and other buildings. Common uses of asbestos are:


This harmful chemical has been largely abandoned over the past century. In the UK, the first noted asbestos-related death was in 1906 and by 1924; asbestosis was considered a viable work-related illness. However, many structures standing today run the risk of asbestos contamination because laws prohibiting the use of asbestos were not compulsory up to the 1970’s and 1980’s. Therefore, it is important for structures that may be affected by this harmful material be rid of it as soon as possible to reduce the risk of further contamination to family and co-workers. Asbestos must be removed by a trained and certified technician to ensure maximum safety. Asbestos remover’s quotes are necessary to any person seeking the proper containment, removal, and disposal of asbestos from their premises.

Asbestos Removers Quotes Price Ranges

The asbestos removal process is not just the actual removal. The first step for any consumer looking to hire out for asbestos removal will need to do is have an asbestos survey. These surveys cost in the range of   100 to £500. Lab work analysis runs in the £10 range (VAT included). Once the amount and extent of the damage and contamination is decided, the process of finding asbestos removers quotes begin. In general, a building or structure with average amounts of asbestos will see about £1200 to £2600 quoted for their project. More serious projects that need a total overhaul can run in the range of £13,000 and upwards. The project will cost in accordance to the time the work takes overall. The average hourly rate for asbestos removal is £125 to £315 an hour.

Asbestos Removers in the UK

There are a number of websites with search engines to help consumers find the best price on their asbestos removal project. Many of these sites offer a telephone number as well as an on line form to fill out to suit the needs of the customer. Additionally, many of these sites are set up as a directory of asbestos removers. This allows the consumer to look at the specials, reviews, photos, and other information pertaining to the firm or contractor. This, along with the quotes will help to make the decision process simpler and more informed.


Choosing the right firm to remove your asbestos can be intimidating. Knowing the necessity of having the asbestos removed, however, can highly outweigh the cost of the project. Many websites offer online asbestos removers quotes both online and over the phone. A quick search engine query of “Asbestos Removers Quotes UK” will direct the consumer to a host of information on what companies are available and what their prices and services entail.