Asbestos Removers UK

Asbestos removal in the UK is becoming more and more of a hot topic as awareness surrounding the material and its dangerous consequences grows. In this guide, we will explore a bit more information about how to get an asbestos inspection in the United Kingdom, and how to remove it securely.

I Think I Have Asbestos.

If you think you may have an asbestos problem then it is not the end of the world. Remember, asbestos is only harmful when it has been disturbed. Therefore, if you leave the substance it is not a problem. Whatever you do, do not try and tamper with the area as this could be unsafe.  If you think you have a problem then you may need to get a professional in order to take a sample of the area. They will then analyse the particles and tell you if you have a problem. They will then give you a quote, and if you want them to continue with removal they will know more than another company.

What Can I Do?

Many people are not aware, but your local council can offer you a free service to inform you if you have an asbestos problem. This can be a great service, because it will stop you from calling out a professional if you do not need one. In the instance that they find asbestos on the property you will then need to call a contractor in order to get it removed. However, in the majority of cases, the people from the council (who are specialists) will tell you your best option.

The website to apply is: for an asbestos inspection

What Will The Company Do For Me?

First it needs to be said that you need to make sure your contractor is fully licensed, for obvious reasons. If they are not then you are putting yourself at risk.  This list will show you roughly what a contractor will do to your ‘infected’ area.

Why Remove Asbestos?

Asbestos is a dangerous substance; therefore, removing it seems like a bit of a no-brainer. However, over the last 2-3 decades the UK has clamped down on the use and removal of asbestos. While there may be 3000 deaths in the UK per annum related to asbestos, the majority of these deaths are from older people that worked on a construction site a long time ago, rather than problems that have been caused recently. As long as you do not over expose yourself to the substance, and have it professionally removed you will not face any problems.